works for orchestra and large ensembles


for orchestra, string quartet and electronics (musicians are placed in groups in the audience space)

CITY DANCE – Mensch/Maschine

(community project in an extraordinary venue, instrumentation can partly be varied)

for solo voice, choir, 7 strings, clarinet, Oboe, Saxophone, trumpet, trombone, percussion (two player) and 12 dancer

CITY DANCE – Main Station (2016)

(community project in public space, instrumentation can partly be varied)
for 2 Alphorns, brass orchestra, 7 instruments, string quartett, choir, 2 solo voices, 20 percussionists, DJ and tape

Missing T (2013)

for large ensemble (13 instruments)

IN SYNC (2012)

for two large ensembles | piece for young musicians

CRACK (2009)

for large orchestra

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