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dance performance for 7 dancers and quadrophonic tape


premiere: 22.10.2016 Kammerspiele | Munich
duration: 60 min
sound: quadrophonic tape
choreography: Anna Konjetzky
dance: Viviana Defazio, Sahra Huby, Michele Meloni, Quindell Orton, Damiaan Veens, Jascha Viehstädt
stage: Linda Sollacher
light: Wolfie Eibert

 is a full-evening performance for dance and music in collaboration with the choreographer Anna Konjetzky about shared spaces based on democratic and non dissipative systems and the refusal of any hierarchic structure. Wah-Wah is an obersvation space that offers the possibility to raise communities within of a never ending, infecting and euphoric movement. The music forms an independent counterpoint by taking the physical power of the dancers and transforming it into a rich spectrum of vectors forces and associations. Building this parallel world a lot of interviews with the dancers that were token in-between the five months of rehearsing – recordings in states of exhaustion and high-energy after athletic performances, while a process of developing and searching. These interviews are focused on the personalities, used in original form or transformed into music as a source for energy, as doping material.

Wah-Wah Trailer

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