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audio visual performance, club culture experimental music, contemporary songs, dance and music, techno and contemporary music, werke für ensemble, zeitgenössische Musik und Club


for ensemble & electronics

a spacial and performative exploration based on the audio track „Trois“ by Electric Indigo (51195913 live)

premiere: 29.08.2018 Ruhrtriennale | Maschinenhaus Essen
performer: Ensemble Garage & Electric Indigo
duration: 8 min
commissioned by Ruhrtriennale
instrumentation: flute (+picc), clarinet, alto saxophone, trombone, synthesizer, percussion, violin, viola, violoncello
technical set: check here
score/electronics: contact me

connected to: often played together with „HandleMe„, based on the track „Ntandathu“ by Electric Indigo


Tre’Spacial and HandleMe are two pieces for ensemble and electronics developed on the basis of two tracks by the Vienna based Techno Sound Artist Electric Indigo. With instrumentally extended tracks from the new album 511593  Brigitta Muntendorf created new syntheses from instrumental and electronic soundscapes. Tre’Spacial deals with the idea to make a spacial composition of Electric Indigos track „Trois“.  Musicians are entering one after the other the stage, performing „numbers“ by speaking with different voice effects the number „three“ in many languages, trying to communicate with the audience through color and timbre of their voice. It’s the development of an electronic-analog mixed soundscape that implements the physical approach of the musicians to stand the dynamic power of an electronic sound system is the center of the sound idea of Tre’Spacial. In opposite to this HandleMe creates a very different combination of analog instruments and electronic experimental Techno sound – the creation of differences is the core of this piece, a broken sarabande, a viola solo behind a bass line and a distorted baroque manner are set next to a straight beat. Also two completely different ways of moving, dancing and touching a sound and a movement are put together to create to lonesome existences.


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