audio visual performance installation multimediale werke performances

Transmedial compositions


45min audiovisual concert installation / multichannel/ multiscreen / GrauSchumacher Piano Duo

ARABESQUE (2020) / Ensemble Modern

video installation based on „ballet for eleven“

Public Privacy #6: voice – bright no more (2017)

performance scene for singer, video and electronics

Public Privacy # instant – voices I’ve heard (2016)

The piano player | audio visual installation

Public Privacy #5 Aria (2016)

für synthesizer und live video

Public Privacy #shift_ctr | audio visual surveillance sculpture (2016)

video, tape and 1-5 live-performer

play me back and forth (2015)

for soprano, clarinet, cello, sampler, drumset, e-zither, video and electronics


audio visual installation

Public Privacy #4 Leap in the dark (2015)

for e-guitar, video and tape

Public Privacy #1 Flute Cover (2013)

for flute, video and tape

Public Privacy #2 Piano Cover (2013)

for synthesizer, video and tape

Public Privacy #3 Trumpet Cover (2014/trombone version 2016)

for trumpet/alto trombone, video, tape and live-electronic

Hello Body! (2012)

video in collaboration with Jürgen Palmer and Nicola Gründel

Wer zum Teufel ist Gerty (2011)

pocket opera for 12 instruments, soprano, tenor and two actors

abschminken (2012)

for mezzo-soprano, flute, percussion, viola, cello and video

Überhall (2009)

for clarinet, saxophone, trombone, percusiion, violin, double bass, tape and video

Hinterhall (2009)

for saxophone, percussion and live video