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This 45-minute intermedial live performance about the question of being present inbetween the real and the digital world. A space created with different transmedial existences searching for ways to overcome the obstacle of expression. Six solo pieces from the Public Privacy series and iScreen, YouScream! for instrument, video and electronics are re-writed, staged and directed for SCREEN-SHARING.

The staging refers to a hacker space as an interface between the uninhabitable reality and an artificial, virtual living space. The connection between staging and performance create a model of a world, in which the body and the virtual representation can’t exist without the other part – and at the same time both existences are competing for attention and visibility.
Public Privacy #6 „bright no more“ for voice, video and electronics was written explicitly for SCREEN-SHARING.



Public Privacy #6: voice – bright no more
for voice & effect device, video and electronics

status message 1-12
for saxophone or clarinet
(from iScreen, YouScream! new version for alto saxophone)

Public Privacy #3 trumpet cover covered by trombone
for amplified trombone, video and tape

(from: iScreen, YouScream! new solo version)
for saxophone, live-video, pre-recorded video & tape

Trombone Tutorial
(from: iScreen, YouScream! new solo version)
for amplified trombone and 3 performer, video and tape

Public Privacy #5 Aria
for sampler and video

General information

intermedial live performance for four musicians
premiered: 12/13.08.2017 Festival Rümlingen
performer: 4 performer (or 5) & 2 sound/video engineers
duration: 45 minutes
commissionend by: Festival Rümlingen & Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung (PP#6: „bright no more“)

Performer & team

4 performer: voice, trombone, saxophone and sampler/piano
clarinet can be added (status message). Because of the individual video material the easiest way to perform SCREEN-SHARING is in the original team:
voice: Frauke Aulbert | piano: Malgorzata Walentynowicz | Saxophone: Frank Riedel | trombone: Stephen Menotti | sound engineer: Sergej Maingardt | video engineer: Andreas Eduardo Frank
1 video engineer

General technical requirements & stage

  • stereo PA + subwoofer, local amplification of the sampler
  • amplification for voice, sax (voice&instrument), trb (voice & instrument), piano-player (voice-mic & contact mic)
  • 2 screens (gauze) and 2 projectors (size, arrangement depending on the  performance space)
  • 3 webcams connected via active USB
  • 2 red LED Spots
  • 4 tables with desk lamps

SCREEN-SHARING at Festival Rümlingen


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