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play me back and forth

audio visual performance, ensemble und video, werke

play me back and forth

für Sopran & Live-Effekte, Klarinette, Cello, Sampler, Drumset, E-Zither, Video & Zuspielung

UA: 12.11.2015 Berghain, Berlin
Dauer: 11 min
Text: Michael Ebmeyer
Geschrieben für: Decoder Ensemble & Frauke Aulbert
Equipment: TC-Helicon Voicelive II (Effektgerät original für Stimme, Verleih durch die Komponistin), Stereo PA, Beamer auf Wand, Laptop
Noten: können via Kontaktformular kostenfrei bestellt werden

Programmtext (English only)

On of the deepest impacts of digital culture on our self-reception is the revealing our own (physical) artificiality. Virtuality as a simulation of our “reality” discovers and creates social necessities and human needs by establishing new categories of contact with us and with others as well as new categories of acceptance and recognition of otherness – irrespective of whether resulting phenomena are constructive or destructive.
The text for play me back and forth was written by the Berlin based author Michael Ebmeyer and the piece was composed for Decoder ensemble.

Brigitta Muntendorf | Decoder Ensemble | Kunsthalle Hamburgdecoder_video

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