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Piano Cover (Public Privacy #2)

kunst performance, multimediale werke, video

Piano Cover (Public Privacy #2)

for keyboard, video and tape

Public Privacy #2 Piano Cover

premiere: november 23th 2013 | piano plus Festial | ZKM Karlsruhe
Piano: Sebastian Berweck
duration: 8 min

technical rider: keyboard with local amplification, sampler (for example Kontakt) and laptop, screen/any wall and video projector. Please ask for the Kontakt-instruments the composer.

Every live performer get’s his or her own video. Parts as the beginning or the end and also significant scenes in the middle of the piece should be recorded by the live performer with a camera or webcam or by the composer in a Skype session. All live performer are represented in the following videos as „Youtuber“ and replace by and by the youtube performer.

score piano cover

program notes

The concept of Piano Cover is based on the same structure as Flute Cover with the difference, that the live pianist shows another dimension of covering by covering performer playing another instrument (e guitar). The video is made by a Collage of different e guitar players, covering different songs. On the surface the pianist seem to cover the e guitar players but only on a visual layer. The keyboard by itself doesn’t represent an independently sound object, it’s used as a sampler reproducing e guitar sounds and transformed fragments of the songs, the e guitar player played on youtube.  Visually it’s a cover but the music is made by the same material and is generating it’s own process – like a cover band or like a playback.

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