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Key of presence 2014/15 (english version)

multimediale werke, solowerke mit Elektronik, werke, zwei Klaviere und Elektronik

Key of presence 2014/15 (english version)

for two pianos, live electronic and tape

Key of presence (2014/15)

comissioned by Eclat Festivals Stuttgart in collaboration with the SWR Experimentalstudio Freiburg for Grau | Schumacher piano duo

Premiere: 07.02.2105 Theaterhaus Stuttgart
duration: 13 Minuten
text: Javier Salinas: „Something is coming“
technical needs: for each piano 2 contact microphones on the strings, one contact mic on the breast and one on a wooden box. The live electronic is controlled by max msp. stereo sound, depending of the room size 5-10 loudspeakers in the audience for the tape.

Program notes

I composed Key of presence during my artistic residence at the Villa Concordia Bamberg. During the work process the piece went through a major transformation in they way that was totally new for me.

The development of an artistic idea in a vacuum, a void and puristic space that turns into the idea by itself was in the process of composing of key of presence unimaginable. Instead of a space there was just a revolving door to the present, that guided things from the past, present and future through. A door to the transience that reminded me always of the fact, that I’m working on something that is the embodiment of our own transitoriness.

The approach is an extra musical, so I’m writing now about something that triggers the composition, but that is not the composition. A composition can never “be”, it’s always an idea that is transforming in every moment of resonance. The poem “Something is coming my friend”, written by the Spanish author Javier Salinas and posted on facebook while I was conceptualizing the piece, is also an analogy, a continuum of the renewal. And at the same time the poem shows the approach to enter a new and unknown territory that appears in the Spanish accent of his recorded voice.

It’s like an audio fingerprint of transience – a phenomenon that has no place in our society today, even if we’re confronted with it every day. We’re asked to ignore the transience: with botox, huge data warehouses, clouds and social freezing we’re told to freeze the present.

Music is fleeting and transient, a continuum of disappearing and its print is resonance. Not more and not less.

two piano player trigger resonances and create in connection with the live electronic different spaces of reverb, closeness and distance. As live players they counteract the transience with all their possibilities and at the same time they’re the transience by themselves.



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