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keep quiet and dance #1 (2018/19)

audio visual performance, club culture experimental music, contemporary songs, stimme und video, voice and ensemble, zeitgenössische Musik und Club

keep quiet and dance #1 (2018/19)

for voice, clarinet, percussion, violin, cello and electronics

premiere: Nemø ensemble, 03.05.2019, Bijloke Campus Ghent

duration: 7:30 min

technical setup: all instruments are amplified, voice with effect device, tape


keep quiet and dance (2018, original version)

for voice, clarinet, violin, cello and electronics
duration: 7:30 min

keep quiet and dance #2 (2018/2019)

for 4-channel voice, flute, clarinet, saxophone, percussion, violin, viola, cello, video & fixed media
duration 14 min

keep quiet and dance #3 (2018/2019)
for voice, percussion and string ensemble ( and tape



Keep quiet and dance was originally written for the European-Egyptian Contemporary Music Ensemble and the singer Kamilya Jubran.
The piece follows the idea of a song developing it’s own rules by denying and incorporating different kinds of material and building it’s own musical consistency. The title is a quotation of  the last words of Electra when she died. She’s a kind of opposite figure to Nawal Saadawi, who’s voice appears as a second layer in the piece. These two female figures are representing the powerful force of reaching a state of impersonality by following the idea of a rebellion. But the forces behind are very different: Electras enormous uncontrolled force, leaded by feelings of hate and revenge and Saadawis calm and resistant moves towards a better society are two very present polarities determining social  and political developments.
keep quiet and dance follows the idea of an open work – I re-write, re-work on it for different contexts, for different singers with different cultural backgrounds, for different formats of presentation.

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