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iScreen, YouScream!

audio visual performance, experimental music theatre, Experimentelles Musiktheater, multimediale werke, performance mit musik, video, werke für ensemble

iScreen, YouScream!

social media opera for ensemble, actress, live-video and electronics

ECLAT 2017 | screen, YouScream | Social Media operamusic, conception: Brigitta Muntendorf
stage, conception: Vincent Mesnaritsch
dramaturgy: Michael Höppner
costume: Sita Messer

sound direction: Dominik Kleinknecht
live-video: warped type

ensemble: Ensemble Garage
actress: Constanze Passin
conductor: Mariano Chiacchiarini
premiere: 03.02.2017 ECLAT Festival Stuttgart
duration: 70 minutes

composition comissioned by ECLAT Festival, financed by Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung 
A coproduction by Ensemble Garage & Musik der Jahrhunderte 
With the friendly support of Kunststiftung NRW & GVL



Looking at a stage set consisting of black boxes , I ask myself how I can be sure that 9 musicians, an actress and a conductor are really there. And if the aforementioned truly are hidden within these boxes, I have to ask myself how they can communicate with each other.

I can see a camera man flitting between the boxes and wonder which of the projections on the 3 screens are being filmed live and which already happened.

I see people presenting and producing themselves and hear the music they create. I hear status updates, a tutorial, a fashion haul. I see status updates, a tutorial, a fashion haul. I overhear how someone sitting next to me says to his neighbour „I can hear sounds made by pictures“. I hear a Ganguro Girl and see a kind of love, I hear self-optimisation and see an EGOrchestra, watch a Beethoven dance, see cloned classics and hear production via self-production. I begin to have an idea of how we build collectives with our digital representatives, although we are isolated from one another. I ask myself what survives in such a society and what doesn´t; who wins and who loses. I ask myself how these people in their boxes satisfy their needs for companionship, love and recognition. I wonder which feedback counts.

Are you still in love or starting to put yourself out there? Are you present enough, are you representable? Are you your own archive? Are you living in your archive? Living your life away? or WHAT??



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