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FREE PLAY | English Version

audio visual performance, kunst performance, performances

FREE PLAY | English Version

audiovisual performance for three composers

debut: 25.07.2015 | TAG DER PERFORMANCE | Skulpturenpark Bernd Wagenhäuser / Bamberg
performer: Die BismarX & Brigitta Muntendorf
duration: 15 min
technical setup: 3 LED-Buzzer, Stereo-PA, Sampler/Max-Patch controlled by a midi footswitch
performance venue: public space



Is free play a game? What kind of questions are we allowed to ask, which conventions are prescribed? free play let the performer act, but it doesn’t let them speak. free play is a non human entity and asks questions regarding freedom and individuality. free play doesn’t know conventions, political positions, doesn’t know polarization. free play is just there, in our minds, in our bodies. We all play free play, sometimes we know, but most of the times we don’t know.


FREE PLAY is another work dealing with the terms „public“ and „privacy“. Full body veil contrasts transparency – but isn’t full body veil in the same way relevant for the freedom of expression and for religious freedoms as the right of anonymity and the rejection of suppressive transparency by monitoring and data collection?
What does the appeal of the International Federation for Human Rights mean (June 2014): „To look at another person as a fellow citizen, witness or contractual partner and to recognize emotional states like happiness, worries and grief are counted among civilized manner/peaceful cooperation in our society“? Why did the University Gießen forbid an muslim woman to wear a full body veil  – in times of Skype-lessons, distance learning-courses, teleconference, radio, telefon and avatars in Social Media that are all parts of building communication and infrastructure? Is anonymity no fundamental right? And how do we define freedom in a capitalist and consume-orientated system, that is determined by economy and media propagation? With the possibility of the free will and the free choice to escape from the play of manipulation on the basis of inviolability.

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FREE PLAY Performance by Brigitta Muntendorf

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