experimental music theatre multimediale werke

experimental music theatre

Ballett für Eleven (2018)

staged work for 11 musicians, fixed media and live video/audio

iScreen, YouScream! (2016/17)

Social Media Oper for ensemble, female actress, live-video and electronics

FIGO | Für immer ganz oben (2015/16)

music theatre for boys choir, e-guitar, cello,  synthesizer, percussion, electronics and two actors

BRONZE by GOLD (2015)

for soprano, 6 boys‘ voices, 2 actors, ensemble, live-video, live-audio and tape

Hi victim! (Endlich Opfer)(2013)

for 4 singer, children choir, one actor, large ensemble, tape and video

Wer zum Teufel ist Gerty? (2011)

for soprano, tenor, two actors and large ensemble

Sweetheart, Goodbye (2012)

for voice/actress, eight instruments and mono loudspeaker

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