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City Dance Köln

community project

City Dance Köln

music | dance | visual art – a 12 hour interdisciplinary community project in Cologne
musical director / composition: Brigitta Muntendorf
artistic director | choreography: Stephanie Thiersch
visual art: Bettina Buck
premiere: 3th of september 2016 | Cologne


city-dance-koeln-muntendorf-performanceCity Dance – green interaction 1 for a violin player and dancer

performance-city-dance-cologneperformer: Mats Thiersch
dancer: Katharine Sehnert
duration: 7 min

City Dance – green interaction 2 for three violins and a dancer

performer: Mats Thiersch and 2 viola players
dancer: Katharine Sehnert
duration: 8 min

Two performances in the middle of the Lentpark and FortX, two green and quite spaces in Cologne. Both performances try to sound out the touching and converging between a senior dancer and a young musician. Interaction 2 extends this constellation by two other violin players, invisible for the audience and present to delay and echo the actions of the performers.

Demonstration for Taking Breath

for choir/singers and a free amount of musicians (at least 4 musicians)


A score for singers and a free amount of instruments with speech-patterns and melody-fragments about breathing in and breathing out and about the approach to change the view and try to see the world through the eyes of somebody else.

„There’s no experience you made, that you were not the absolute center off“ (David Foster Wallace)

Even if every experience is our experience and even if nobody can experience through somebody else it’s the most important necessity to act AS IF we COULD make an experience through somebody else.

musical demonstration city dance

City Dance MenschMaschine

for solo voice, choir, 7 strings, clarinet, Oboe, Saxophone, trumpet, trombone, percussion (two player) and 12 dancer

Performer: Asasello Quartett, Ensemble Garage, Jugendensemble für Neue Musik der Rheinischen Musikschule, O de Cologne Chor und Mariana Sadovska (Solosängerin)
dancer: Mouvoir
musical director: Rodrigo López-Klingenfuss
duration: 24 minutes


The quite monumental MenschMaschine was developed by Brigitta Muntendorf and the choreographer Stephanie Thiersch in collaboration with the musicians and dancers for the court in Cologne.

The special architecture, the reverb and the performance and audience situation were the basis for the conception of this piece, the strategies of developing a complex composition with professionals and amateurs the biggest challenge.

In tryouts, several meetings in separate groups and rehearsals in different constellations this utopian idea of creating a space filling and interacting piece between different cultures and musical homes and backgrounds came true – MenschMaschine is a piece, that creates an own category of sound, movement and architecture.

 Score Main Station

for 2 Alphorns, brass orchestra, 7 instruments, string quartett, choir, 2 solo voices, 20 percussionists, DJ and tape

Performer: SBOK, Mutzbacher Alphornbläser, PolizeiFrauenChor Köln, Sambateure, Mariana Sadovska, Jugendensemble der Rheinischen Musikschule Köln, Asasello Quartett & Ensemble Garage und DJ Elephant Power


Der City Dance Köln ist ein 12-stündiger groß angelegter Performance-Parkour durch den Kölner Stadtraum mit über 500 professionellen und Laien-Akteuren, darunter TänzerInnen und MusikerInnen, Musik-Ensembles, Chöre, und Bewegungsbegeisterte. Der City Dance Köln wird am 3. September 2016 stattfinden und entsteht in Zusammenarbeit mit der Kölner Philharmonie. Insgesamt involviert der City Dance ca. 12 Performances und vielzählige kurze Interventionen, die von Sonnenaufgang bis -untergang an unterschiedlichen Orten und Unorten zu erleben sind. In der Idee beziehen sie sich auf die von Anna Halprin in den 1970er Jahren in San Francisco veranstalteten CITY DANCES. Diese waren der künstlerische wie politische Versuch, in einer Stadt, die durch Rassenunruhen aufgeheizt war, Tanz als kollektiven, demokratischen Prozess mit Akteuren unterschiedlicher Kunstsparten in seiner humanen und versöhnenden Kraft erfahrbar zu machen. Gemeinsam mit der Choreografin Stephanie Thiersch und der bildenden Künstlerin Bettina Buck entwickelte Brigitta Muntendorf unterschiedliche Stationen in Köln, in denen Musik, Tanz und Objekte ineinander greifen, Laien und Profils interagieren und Möglichkeitsräume entstehen konnten, um kreatives Potential zu bündeln und freizusetzen.

The City Dance Köln is a 12-hour long collective walk with over 500 professional and non-professional dancers and musicians, orchestras, choirs and citizens of Cologne.

The artistic collective of City Dance has created an all-day utopia for Cologne. A utopia that is meant to linger in the city for while: because as a community project, we want to invite and people to participate, to observe, to join us to create a day of creative potential. The City Dance Köln will make its way through the city and will take along whatever appears on its wayside: impressions-people-means of transportation-the river-highways-public buildings-shopping streets-low grounds-a parking levels-the park. Whatever it touches, begins to move. City Dance Köln creates unusual points of view, as dance, music and action meet us in the most unexpected places. Alltogether about 12 performance and short interventions from dusk till dawn refer to Anna Halprins CITY DANCES from the sixties, realized in San Francisco as a comment to race riots. Dance and music as a democratically process that creates possibility-spaces for creative potential and power, developed by Brigitta Muntendorf, Stephanie Thiersch and Bettina Buck.

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