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audio visual performance multimediale werke public privacy social composing solowerke mit Elektronik

Public Privacy #1 Flute Cover (2013)

first piece of the Social Composing series Public Privacy for flute, video & tape

Flute Cover Score

Public Privacy #1: Flute Cover

premiere: 27.06.2013 Deutzer Zentralwerk der Schönen Künste
performer: Daniel Agi
duration: 5 min

Performance by Liz Hirst, Ensemble Garage

 technical needs:

  • two loudspeakers & sub
  • projector (16:9)
  • no clicktrack needed


Flute Cover is the first work in the „Public Privacy“ series , begun in 2013, for a solo instrument, video and recording, involving the dialogue between live performance and Youtube instrumentalist.The series confronts a compositional strategy I define as „Social Composing“, in which methods of composing interact with live performance and virtual presence. This continual shifting of the meaning of „private“ and „public“ as well as the changes in handling and living with identity and isolation comprise the central content of the „Public Privacy“ series.

For Flute Cover I contacted various „Youtuber flutists“ for permission to create a visual collage out of their uploaded „cover“ videos. This collage follows the processes and behavioral patterns of a video presentation in Social Media, rather than those of a concert situation. A „flute cover“( or another cover) is a type of cover in which hobby musicians or professionals replace the melody part of a well-known song with , in this case, their flute-playing, uploading the resulting video to Youtube.

Presenting classical instruments and ideas about virtuosity in everyday life in the videos altercates in live performance with the public´s expectations of a professional musician . However the videos also demonstrate how the terms „public“ and „private“ are defined, how much a player displays of him/herself and his/her home; they demonstrate aesthetics, in the type of presentation and how it affects the music; finally, they show what exists and what is absent in a musical performance. Each performer receives a personal pre-recorded video showing themselves in private surroundings. Eventually, with each successive performance, these videos displace the Youtube videos, creating a collage of fake Youtube videos of the interpreters.

Public Privacy series

public_privacyPublic Privacy #2: Piano Cover 
Public Privacy #3: Trumpet Cover
Public Privacy #3.1: Trombone Cover
Public Privacy #4: Leap in the dark (E-Guitar)
Public Privacy #5: Aria (synthesizer)
Public Privacy #6: bright no more (voice)


audio visual performance experimental music theatre multimediale werke performance mit musik public privacy

Full-lenght Evening Programs

ARCHIPEL – a Spectacle of Blending

für 13 MusikerInnen, Chor, 10 TänzerInnen, Live-Elektronik, Tape


45min audiovisual concert installation / multichannel/ multiscreen / GrauSchumacher Piano Duo

Bilderschlachten – Batailles d’Image (2019)

für Tänzer, Streichquartett, Orchester und Live-Elektronik

iScreen, YouScream!

social media opera for ensemble, actress, live-video and electronicsduration: 65-70 min | 10 musicians/1 actress/stage/direction/audio-&video engineer


intermedial live performance for 4 musicians

audio visual performance experimental music theatre Experimentelles Musiktheater multimediale werke performance mit musik performances public privacy


This 45-minute intermedial live performance about the question of being present inbetween the real and the digital world. A space created with different transmedial existences searching for ways to overcome the obstacle of expression. Six solo pieces from the Public Privacy series and iScreen, YouScream! for instrument, video and electronics are re-writed, staged and directed for SCREEN-SHARING.

The staging refers to a hacker space as an interface between the uninhabitable reality and an artificial, virtual living space. The connection between staging and performance create a model of a world, in which the body and the virtual representation can’t exist without the other part – and at the same time both existences are competing for attention and visibility.
Public Privacy #6 „bright no more“ for voice, video and electronics was written explicitly for SCREEN-SHARING.



Public Privacy #6: voice – bright no more
for voice & effect device, video and electronics

status message 1-12
for saxophone or clarinet
(from iScreen, YouScream! new version for alto saxophone)

Public Privacy #3 trumpet cover covered by trombone
for amplified trombone, video and tape

(from: iScreen, YouScream! new solo version)
for saxophone, live-video, pre-recorded video & tape

Trombone Tutorial
(from: iScreen, YouScream! new solo version)
for amplified trombone and 3 performer, video and tape

Public Privacy #5 Aria
for sampler and video

General information

intermedial live performance for four musicians
premiered: 12/13.08.2017 Festival Rümlingen
performer: 4 performer (or 5) & 2 sound/video engineers
duration: 45 minutes
commissionend by: Festival Rümlingen & Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung (PP#6: „bright no more“)

Performer & team

4 performer: voice, trombone, saxophone and sampler/piano
clarinet can be added (status message). Because of the individual video material the easiest way to perform SCREEN-SHARING is in the original team:
voice: Frauke Aulbert | piano: Malgorzata Walentynowicz | Saxophone: Frank Riedel | trombone: Stephen Menotti | sound engineer: Sergej Maingardt | video engineer: Andreas Eduardo Frank
1 video engineer

General technical requirements & stage

  • stereo PA + subwoofer, local amplification of the sampler
  • amplification for voice, sax (voice&instrument), trb (voice & instrument), piano-player (voice-mic & contact mic)
  • 2 screens (gauze) and 2 projectors (size, arrangement depending on the  performance space)
  • 3 webcams connected via active USB
  • 2 red LED Spots
  • 4 tables with desk lamps

SCREEN-SHARING at Festival Rümlingen


audio visual performance performance mit musik performances public privacy stimme und video

Public Privacy #6: voice | bright no more

performance scene for singer, video and electronics

Public Privacy #6 voice Bright no more | Muntendorfmusic/video/scene: Brigitta Muntendorf
duration: 8 min
premiere: Festival Rümlingen 2017, in frame of SCREEN-SHARING
composed for: Frauke Aulbert, singer and performer (www.stimmkuenstlerin.de)

general technical needs: 
projector / screen (white Gaze or natural proejction surface)
Stereo-PA and subwoofer
effect device for voice (for example TC Helicon Voicelive 2 or voice-software)
microphone (Shure SM 58)
requisites: working desk & laptop with score, different varicolored LED-Lights



Program notes

Public Privacy #6: voice: bright no more is the a piece within the Public Privacy series for solo instrument, video and electronics. The discourse about the public and the private in our digital culture takes place against a backdrop of manifold and fast moving developments. I composed the piece while my stay in Japan, Kyoto, at the Villa Kamogawa of the Goethe Institute. My experiences and observations concerning the structural organization of the Japanese society and communication had a deep impact on my artistic access to socio-political themes connected to a living within the digital culture. A completely different society with different models of public and private, balancing between a future-oriented thinking and the preservation of traditions, confronted with political implications on the development of individuality on the one hand and the required conformity on the other hand. The“Craziness of the Japanese“ – as the saying goes – appeared more and more as multi-layered consequences of a socio-political structure, some images seem to be weird, yes, but from circumstances that force people to invent and create real, digital and interpersonal spaces, we don’t have or need in Europe or other parts of the western world.

Separation and isolation as visibilities of an imbalance between public and private are not only in Japan a big topic – they’re social realities in every society, in which capitalistic ideas creates new needs and expectations.

On this background I wanted to show the vulnerable but also powerful side of this tireless and artificial force to develop a so called individuality. Sharing the space with an „I“, that yes, could be individuality. But it could also be a construction of relationship between a force and a space in between models of public and private and a state between being and performing.

Public Privacy #6: voice | bright no more at Festival Rümlingen


commissioned by Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung and Festival Rümlingen

audio visual performance kunst performance multimediale werke public privacy social composing solowerke mit Elektronik video

Public Privacy #1 Flute Cover (2013)

erstes Stück der Reihe Public Privacy für Flöte, Video und Zuspielung

Flute Cover Score

Public Privacy #1: Flute Cover

UA: 27.06.2013 Deutzer Zentralwerk der Schönen Künste
Flötist: Daniel Agi
Dauer: 5 min


Flute Cover ist das erste Stück meiner meiner 2013 begonnenen Werkreihe Public Privacy für Soloinstrument, Video und Zuspiel, bei denen ein Live-Performer mit Youtube-Instrumentalisten in einen Dialog tritt. Die Reihe setzt sich mit der von mir als Social Composing bezeichneten Form auseinander und der damit zusammenhängenden Frage nach der Grenzziehung zwischen dem Privaten und des Öffentlichen.

Für Flute Cover habe ich verschiedene Youtuber angefragt und aus deren Flute Cover eine visuelle Collage angefertigt, die – im Gegensatz zu einer Konzertsituation – Abläufen und Verhaltensweisen einer Videopräsentation in Social Media folgt.  Flute Cover (oder auch andere Cover) sind Covermodelle, bei denen Laienmusiker oder Profis die Melodiestimme beliebter Songs durch eine (in diesem Fall) Flötenstimme ersetzen und das Resultat bei Youtube hochladen.Spannend ist dabei einerseits, wie mit Vorstellungen von Virtuosität und der Verwendung klassischer Instrumente im heutigen Alltag umgegangen wird. Gleichzeitig geben die Videos aber auch Aufschluss darüber, wie die Begriffe des Privaten und des Öffentlichen definiert werden, wieviel ein Spieler über sich und seinen Lebensraum erzählt, über Ästhetik, über die Form der Präsentation und deren Rückwirkung auf die Musik und über das Gegenwärtige und das Abwesende einer musikalischen Performance. Jeder Performer/in erhält für die Aufführung ein eigenes Zuspielvideo mit Aufnahmen des oder der Performers/in in einem privaten Umfeld. Nach und nach werden somit die Youtube-Videos verdrängt und statt dessen Fake-Youtubevideos der Interpreten collagiert.

Geplante Instrumente

public_privacyPublic Privacy #2: Piano Cover (für Sebastian Berweck)
Public Privacy #3: Trumpet Cover
Public Privacy #4: Leap in the dark for E-Guitar
Public Privacy #5: Trombone Cover
Public Privacy #6: Saxophone Cover

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