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behind her back (english version)

multimediale werke, werke für ensemble

behind her back (english version)

for solo percussion, flute, clarinet, viola, trombone, piano and two light player

behind her back für Schlagwerk und EnsembleUA: 13.03.2013 Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Frankfurt
Ensemble: InternationalEnsemble Modern Academy (Yuka Otha, Sonja Horlacher, Marco Ramaglia, Aglaya Gonzales, Till Künkler, Dominik Kleinknecht)
Duration: 13 min
light technology: 6 spots with dimmer

program notes

behind her back divides the room in two spaces – while the solo percussionist is playing in the foreground, the other five musicians are forming a field of musical reactions. The percussion set up consists of five small setups. Every set up is connected to one player in the back of the room. The interaction between soloist and ensemble is visualized by five spots, that are also connected to a specified player. At the same time the roles of acting and re-acting part are changing continuously and lead to a closed interlocking and interlinkage between soloist, ensemble and light.

In this piece I focused on my interest in the different mechanisms of musical-based controlling and worked with the relationshio of soloist and ensemble in an audiovisual and spatial context.

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