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current works

ARCHIPEL (2020/21)

MUNTENDORF | THIERSCH | FUJIMOTO A Spectacle of Blending for 10 dancers, 11 musicians, choir and live-electronics/3D sound system ENSEMBLE GARAGE & GUESTS | MOUVOIR with: ASASELLO QUARTET | NORWEGIAN SOLOISTS  WORLD PREMIERE: Ruhrtriennale 2020 > Festival Theater der Welt 2021 stream | analog | digital Die Natur ist ein Artefakt geworden, Menschen und Pflanzen …

current works, installation

Forest of Breath: 3D Sound Installation

3D-Sound Installation or 32 loudspeakers  22.06.-27.06.2021 world premiere | Internationale Schillertage The breathing of a familiar person can convey security, closeness and intimacy to us. On the other hand, the audible breath of a stranger can evoke discomfort, at the same time an assurance of aliveness, but can also provide protection from loneliness or even …

audio visual performance, dance and music, film music


sound composition | film composition Insular BodiesFilm, HD, 23′, 2020 Premiere: SIDance(Seoul International Dance Festival) 2020 | duration: 20min Music / Sound design / voice: Brigitta Muntendorf direction: Stephanie Thiersch Cast:Fabien AlmakiewiczNeus Barcons RocaAlexis “Maca” FernándezGyung Moo KimMargaux Marielle-TréhoüartManon ParentCamille RevolJoel Suárez GómezDirector: Stephanie ThierschDirector of photography: Hajo SchomerusEditing & Post-production: Julia Franken Sound assistant: Mats ThierschProduction …



Memorial of Rebellion  audio-visual installation for 5 performers, video and electronics  music, conception, direction: Brigitta Muntendorf  conception, direction: Michael Höppner  premiere: 18.09.2020, Ultima Festival Oslo  commissioned by: Ultima, November Music and Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival  duration: 19 min.  performed by: Carola Schaal (voice, performance), Louis Bona (viola, voice, performance), Till Künkler (trombone, voice, performance), Malgorzata Walentynowicz (voice, performance), Evdoxia Filippou (voice, performance)  video, mapping: Warped Type (Andreas Huck, Roland Nebe)  light design: Martin Siemann  costume, make up: Jule Saworski  audiomix: Maximiliano Estudies  technical / spatial needs: All elements of the installation are synchronized …

current works


multichannel audio-video installation by Muntendorf / Lobeck We are companions, cum panis, at table together. (Donna Haraway) In the German-Asian project COVERED CULTURE, Brigitta Muntendorf and Moritz Lobeck explore cultural imprints, individual interpretations and collective appropriations as potentials of the choric forms. The musical object of analysis is the humming – as sound, in its …



COVERED CULTURE (2020) 15min loop – audio visual installation THEATRE OF ECHO / THEATER DES NACHHALLS (2020) 45min audiovisual concert installation / multichannel/ multiscreen / GrauSchumacher Piano Duo ARABESQUE (2020) / Ensemble Modern video installation based on „ballet for eleven“ Public Privacy #6: voice – bright no more (2017) performance scene for singer, video and …



for orchestra part of: Bilderschlachten / Batailles d’Images instrumentation: PROLOGUE has nearly the same instrumentation as Bernd Alois Zimmermanns Musique pour les soupers du Roi Ubu. The string quartet is added – Prologue + Chiral Spiral (for string quartet and electronic) is composed as a counterpart and leads directly into Zimmermanns piece. A combination is …



video installation based on Ballet for Eleven premiere: 1st of March 2020, Cresc Festival Ensemble Modern performer: Ensemble Modern duration: infinite – 8min video in loop presentation: one big screen, one room, stereo sound video, direction, music: Brigitta Muntendorf recording, camera: Warped Type costume: Sita Messer Video about ARABESQUE (2020) was created as an independent …