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Yes Master (2011)

performances, werke

Yes Master (2011)

for four performer and tape


Yes, master (2011)
duration: 12 min
possible to perform for musicians and non musicians

Yes_Master_Muntendorf_2 program notes

What is an instruction and what is a decision? When is an instruction a command?

Is it my voice that is telling me what to do or is it the voice of somebody out there?

How merges a thought into a handling instruction and how does it change in the different contexts of community to individuality?

How can we change the reality today? Is „claiming“ and „declaring our rights on this earth“ still possible?

Facing the fact of inflationary political manipulation through digital communication? If we’re catched in our own system we built to achieve democracy and freedom how can we make a re-start, how can we re-direct and re-define our environment?

Annegret Mayer-Lindenberg, Ensemble Garage

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