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Public Privacy #1 Flute Cover (2013)

audio visual performance, multimediale werke, public privacy, social composing, solowerke mit Elektronik

Public Privacy #1 Flute Cover (2013)

first piece of the Social Composing series Public Privacy for flute, video & tape

Flute Cover Score

Public Privacy #1: Flute Cover

premiere: 27.06.2013 Deutzer Zentralwerk der Schönen Künste
performer: Daniel Agi
duration: 5 min

Performance by Liz Hirst, Ensemble Garage

 technical needs:

  • two loudspeakers & sub
  • projector (16:9)
  • no clicktrack needed


Flute Cover is the first work in the „Public Privacy“ series , begun in 2013, for a solo instrument, video and recording, involving the dialogue between live performance and Youtube instrumentalist.The series confronts a compositional strategy I define as „Social Composing“, in which methods of composing interact with live performance and virtual presence. This continual shifting of the meaning of „private“ and „public“ as well as the changes in handling and living with identity and isolation comprise the central content of the „Public Privacy“ series.

For Flute Cover I contacted various „Youtuber flutists“ for permission to create a visual collage out of their uploaded „cover“ videos. This collage follows the processes and behavioral patterns of a video presentation in Social Media, rather than those of a concert situation. A „flute cover“( or another cover) is a type of cover in which hobby musicians or professionals replace the melody part of a well-known song with , in this case, their flute-playing, uploading the resulting video to Youtube.

Presenting classical instruments and ideas about virtuosity in everyday life in the videos altercates in live performance with the public´s expectations of a professional musician . However the videos also demonstrate how the terms „public“ and „private“ are defined, how much a player displays of him/herself and his/her home; they demonstrate aesthetics, in the type of presentation and how it affects the music; finally, they show what exists and what is absent in a musical performance. Each performer receives a personal pre-recorded video showing themselves in private surroundings. Eventually, with each successive performance, these videos displace the Youtube videos, creating a collage of fake Youtube videos of the interpreters.

Public Privacy series

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