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…the short rest of a long ending

for mezzo soprano, bass flute, piano, percussion, viola, violoncello and video/tape
partitur abschminken

a collaboration with Jürgen Palmer (video artist).

premiere: 04.05.2012
Acht Brücken Festival Cologne | Thürmchen Ensemble
conductor: Erik Oña
duration: 6 min

abschminken (engl.: to remove make-up) is a play in-between a public and private space: while the music is performed on stage the video shows a scene in the wardrobe behind the stage. We don’t know anything about the time relationship between both spaces, we even can’t define the relationship between the virtual and the real performers.
The camera acts as a mirror for the virtual singer. He’s removing his make-up – removing his stage-role, another identity, another body and perhaps he’s removing more than that.

The music appears as a sound mirror, changing between an artificial mannerism and instrumented emotional eruptions. The music forms itself and acts inside the challenge between countenance and the loss of control.
A complaining Bach and souvenirs of arias appear as reminiscences of a vanished nature, music as a vanished role, as a costume that has to be changed and asks its wearer for a new definition. Are we strong enough?


ensemble garage

fragments of Bach:

J.S. Bach, Aria No. 54 (Matthäus-Passion):
„Können Tränen meiner Wangen“ [Auszug]

“Zerfließe, mein Herze” [Auszug]

BWV 13
„Meine Seufzer, meine Tränen“ [Auszug]

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